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To:  Self Help and Improvement Enthusiasts
Re:  Health, Wealth and Prosperity Simplified
May, 2021

Hi! My name is Bill Cassidy and I’m a business and mindset coach who specializes in simplicity.

I help people grow and prosper.


Time is our most precious resource.


Time without health, wealth and/or happiness is less than optimal.

Quite the conundrum.

So, how to have time with health, wealth and happiness; without spending a lot of time, money and/or energy figuring it all out is the question.

Prosperity Simplex is the answer.

You know how you consume articles, videos and webinars for important information that you know will really benefit your well being, but after 45 minutes you all you got was a couple of takeaways?

I’m not saying that you didn’t get value. I’m saying 45 minutes to get the value is too much time.

Time you will NEVER get back!

You didn’t really care about the host or author’s backstory, why he/she is qualified or any of the other crap about their product and offer.

You just wanted the answer to the question they promised – without gobbling up all of your time to get it.

Well, that’s what a Prosperiy Simplex membership solves.

I’ve been studying health, wealth, happiness for most of my life and Prosperity Simplex is my way of boiling down that 2 hour webinar, that 20 minute article or that 45 minute video into a convenient, easy to read, quick tip or insight.

My goal is to bring you the highlights that help you live your best life without wasting your time, money and energy doing so.

The average person reads 200 words a minute. So, I’ve decided to make all the posted insights less that 200 words for your ease and convenience.

I’ve also decide to make membership super affordable because I’ll be adding tips as I find them.

Meaning, I may add 25 tips this month and only 7 next month. Maybe all the tips the following month are about health and there hasn’t been a tip about productivity in over two months.

I don’t want to worry about quotas, deadlines and feeling like a may be shortchanging you on my promises.

But, the insights and tips will be extremely valuable.

Dare I say priceless?

So valuable that implementing just one of my prosperity insights could potentially change your whole life.

And, I’m asking only a small monthly price for this service.

Mostly to maintain the site as I’m not expecting to get rich off of this endeavor.

Basically, I want to positively impact as many people as possible. That’s why I’m charging less than the change in your pocket for complete access.

It’s such a small amount that there are no refunds or guarantees, but you can quit at anytime for any reason or no reason at all.

However, today is your lucky day!

Because I’ve just started publishing content and the site currently has only a few insights, you can have access for free.

Once you create your account you will get complete access to all the tips and insights.

You will also lock in  your FREE lifetime account.

The only catch is that until I launch this as a live paid membership site, there will be ads and a donate button on the right hand sidebar of each post.

You do not have to donate, but if you like what I’m doing, donating is a way to let me know that you do.

It will also motivate me to provide more content faster.

So, simply create your account below and prosper!




Bill Cassidy
Business & Mindset Coach
William Cassidy

P.S.  If you are like me and scroll to the bottom to see the deal and the price, here it is again.

You get access to some of the best tips and insights from me and some of the greatest and most successful people ever in convenient, less than 200 word posts that won’t waste your time, money and/or energy for free with the only “catch” being that there are ads and a donate button on the sidebar you can use if you like this site and/or want me to post more, faster.

Plus, when you join now, you lock in your FREE account for life.

So, click the red button above and create your account.